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Rich media proofing is here

A marketing campaign is all about the content.

The BrandSystems Collaborate team has been busy developing to extend the capabilities of the application with the aim of helping marketing teams deliver their projects faster and more efficiently every day across every marketing channel.

We know we needed to take our current web and social capabilities that extra mile.

We now offer Rich Media (HTML5) support. If part of your marketing efforts includes HTML5 banner ads sets, websites, and other rich media content, you can now review those using BrandSystems Collaborate.

Using the same markup and commenting tools your reviewers are already familiar with while being able to play the design to completion and pausing the build at any point to provide feedback.

Upload singular or multiple HTML5 packages in a single zipped file.

Extract HTML package contents
HTML5 package extraction and sizes

Collaborate will unpack, extract, analyze, and present your individual HTML5 named packages, along with their width and height dimensions.

Manual intervention to add package dimensions
Manual overwrite of dimensions

In the event Collaborate is unable to automatically recognize the sizes, red boxes will appear around each size. This will allow the user to manually input the sizes for each of the HTML5 files.

Collaborate will allow you to choose the same workflows you use today to distribute to your teams, partners, or clients.

Display contents of an entire campaign of banners
Collection view

Viewers will enjoy the ability to see the entire collection of content in a single view, and make an overall decision or switch to individual views to place annotations to communicate changes.

All content is live, so will play animations, and retain click-throughs.

If you are looking for a better way to share, collaborate, and communicate to your remote teams BrandSystems Collaborate online approval will help.

Book a demo and speak to us about a free trial

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