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Empowering marketing your way

Born from marketing innovation and culture, we are passionate to deliver what you need from a marketing platform.

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Marketing Resource Management (MRM) industry is growing rapidly on the back of marketers looking for greater control and insight into their advertising and other marketing activities. Omni-channel marketing and the growing importance of data enables the targeting of consumers through the use of highly personal content, which further raises the importance for brands to have an MRM solution.

Peter Svahn - CEO, Brandsystems

Our Journey

Our journey started in the late 1990s, when a group of young marketing professionals in Stockholm, Sweden grew tired of reinventing the wheel for every new customer and decided to create software tools to help ease their workload. 

The software development, that started out as a small fraction of the company, quickly took over as the primary business within just a few years.
In 2001 BrandSystems was formed as a standalone software provider, and we've been offering cutting edge marketing tools ever since.

What makes BrandSystems unique is our background in marketing and close interaction with our clients. Your needs and our experience drive innovation forward. 
Our company motto is "more tool than the rule" - meaning that the software tools should manage the corporate marketing rules, freeing up creative time and space for your marketing professionals.

It was formulated in 1999 and holds even truer today, with BrandSystems Marketing Resource Management (MRM) solution. 

In 2018 BrandSystems became part of the Wellcom Worldwide Group, opening a larger sales and support network with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Singapore, Kula Lumpur,  London, New York, and Los Angeles. Joining Wellcom introduced an extended panel of marketing experts, customer success teams, and an abundance of client insights.

Culture, Teamwork, Innovation

Driven by action, innovation, and thought leadership of our amazing team, delivering solutions influenced by our customer needs

Lets Talk

Wellcom Group Pte Ltd

110 Middle Road

#05-03 Chiat Hong Building

Singapore 188968

Wellcom Worldwide - Australia

870 Lorimer Street,

Port Melbourne, Victoria

Australia 3207

Wellcom Worldwide - London

1 Berry Place

Clerkenwell, London

United Kingdom EC1 0JD

BrandSystems Pvt Ltd

#82 S.T. Bed 

4th Block, Koramangala

Bangalore 560 034

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