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We need online content Collaboration

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

The need for remote content collaboration is now #DigitalApproval #DigitalSignOff#Team

With many marketing and partner agency teams now working on their projects remotely, the need to clearly share, collaborate, and communicate changes to created content is more important than ever before.

BrandSystems Collaborate, our digital online approval tool is proving to be more valuable than ever in helping marketing teams and partner companies to collaborate effectively.

Project content comes in many different formats, be it PDF documents, video, imagery, or rich HTML5 content, the BrandSystems Collaborate platform will help enable clear and precise communication of changes required.

Managing remote teams, realtime status updates, version control, and full reportable audit history gives you and your team clear peace of mind.

Clear mark-up and annotation tools take the guesswork out of emails, phone calls, and handwritten scribbles. Version comparison tools clearly display change requests and in-app messaging allows you to contact other online users in real-time to collaborate on changes.

If you are looking for a better way to share, collaborate, and communicate to your remote teams BrandSystems Collaborate online approval will help.

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