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DAM DAM DAM where is my content

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Benefits of a 'Digital Asset Management' platform for your business.

Do you and your team have trouble finding content? Do you find the wrong content is being used? Your agency partner or production house retains your master assets in another location? Have you posted the wrong versions of campaign photos or videos to Facebook or Twitter? Or have you had to pay a copyright or image penalty?

Many companies continue to adapt to the many different platforms that are born every day in digital transformation seeking to increase productivity and performance.

Content media is today the main focus for the marketing teams across various communication channels, we start to see companies have focused more and more on producing content in many different formats.

With the large number of digital files being produced, it is very easy to lose control and the overview of everything that is produced and distributed throughout the company’s media chain. What companies have been doing most often is calling upon emergency solutions such as file storage platforms (Box, DropBox, Sharepoint, Drive) or even file transfer solutions (WeTransfer) that can impact information security and internal network access. With that said, it means chaos is almost guaranteed as the amounts of content, data, channels, and players increase exponentially.

To solve this problem we at BrandSystems created a Digital Asset Management module or DAM for short. This is a platform designed to organize, enrich, version, archive, control, and distribute digital files that bring huge benefits to you and your teams.

Supporting over 250 standard industry file types, you, your team, and your extended partner network are sure to be able to find, share, and reuse your content easily.

Categories, catalog, tag your content, define metadata templates to the assets types, such as images, logos, videos, packages, documents to be specific to your business, your terminology, and your way of searching.

Control access, who can use, and who can see. Manage the asset lifecycle, the license expires, and the asset usage, along with tracking why, when, and how end-users intend to use the selected assets. Protect sharing externally with OTP (one-time-password) access to make sure content is not reshared.

We continue to evolve.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, we are adding Google Vision services into the platform.

Auto-Tagging - The AI analyzes the image, document, logo, or video, looks for a reference that will help it identify the images, objects, and human features in the image presenting a recommendation of suggested 'Tags' (keywords) to help classify assets correctly and automates the manual process.

If you are looking for a better way to store, share, collaborate, and communicate to your teams BrandSystems DAM solution will help.

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