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Optimising your marketing

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Marketing your way


Our clients strive for new and innovative ways to manage their marketing content and communications, globally, regionally, and locally.

We at BrandSystems take on every request and all feedback to continually deliver enhanced new features. Whether you're a team of ten or a global team of thousands we tailor our solution to your way of working.

We understand the continual changes to the marketing landscape and that no two marketing teams work the same. Our modular platform is fully configurable to you and your business, tailoring it to suit different ways of working. Whether you're an advertising agency looking for a client briefing, resource management, digital approval platform, or a multinational company, managing global campaigns, planning, budgeting, briefing, and require a centralised digital asset management platform.

"We have you covered"

Feature Packed

BrandSystems offers a feature-packed marketing solution including:

Campaign and Planning - Briefing, Jobbing, Budget, KPI's, Phases, Task/Milestone, Workflows, Reporting.

Digital Asset Management - Usage Rights, Access Controls, Tags, Metadata, Share, Download.

Digital Approval - Annotations, Comparing, Versioning, Accountability.

Integrations -

SAML Single Sign-On, Oracle, SAP, Google AI, Salesforce, AWS, Tableau.

Your User Interface

We want your environment to reflect your business and theme all aspects of the interface with your brand, your colours, your terminology, and your languages.


Protecting customer data has always been a top priority to BrandSystems, and our security programs are designed to satisfy data security requirements even for clients in sensitive fields like banking, pharmaceutical, and defense industries.

From tracking assets being downloaded and shared to adding one-time password (OTP) controls, you know your data is safe.

Full Support

We have teams located throughout the world that can support you. Help you through discovery, implementation, user acceptance, change management, training, and GoLive.

Our ongoing support network is committed to helping you and your teams to continually evolve to introduce new modules or helping reconfigure existing to meet changes in your business.

Continually Evolving

We never stand still, and we continually release new features and updates every month.

We’re about helping you improve your processes so your “marketing teams” will shine.

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