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Marketing Resource Management Success Stories

BrandSystems MRM tools help Vattenfall’s communicators.

Vattenfall has expanded vastly over the last decade, growing from one to ten markets, and from 8.000 to 40.000 employees. Vattenfall’s communicators have faced the task of securing the feeling of being one single company, while simultaneously increasing effectiveness. This challenge sets high demands on the communicators, as well as the tools and services they use.

Going back many years, Vattenfall has had a vibrant branding portal with an editorial focus for the communicators. The large expansion and new Enterprise Content Management strategy places new and higher demands on the portal. The objective has also expanded from ”securing the brand” to offering effective work tools for the marketing communicators.

As a first step in meeting the new requirements, a new image bank is launched in Vattenfall’s branding portal. Vast user research and analysis precede the new tool. Below the surface, BrandSystems Media Bank is the hub that manages all storing, image scaling, and integration with other systems. Vattenfall will also offer its communicators templates where both prints and flash files are created online. From the web-based module, the results are sent directly to the printers, or instantly published on the web. Vattenfall Testimonial

”In the process of streamlining communications in a large enterprise, we need a supplier who provides support, services and function – as well as having a thorough understanding for modern marketing approaches. Brandsystems supplies just this, and as they are also receptive, it makes the journey inspiring”

Lars Mossberg, Marketing Services Manager at Vattenfall AB.


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