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MRM Tools – Marcom Manager

Marcom Manager Suite

The BrandSystems Marcom Manager Suite includes “MRM tools” that supports the entire planning and budget processes within a marketing department.

Amongst the vast majority of organizations today, the day-to-day planning and communications functions are centered around the use of tools such as spreadsheets and Webmail.

This archaic approach has prevailed with few if any questioning about the efficiency. The drawbacks of this approach have not yet been felt to their full extent and thus been largely ignored due to the scale and depth of the teams implementing them.

As organizations grow, to operating out of multiple offices and eventually into full-fledged multinationals, so does the need for the centralization of data to facilitate a greater degree of coordination. One of the most inefficient practices that divert a team’s focus and efforts away from developing creative and innovative solutions, is the use of Webmail as a personal archiving solution. The search for information takes priority over efforts at reaching a consolidated view on strategy, budgets and implementation, splintering and negating the advantages of operating in a team.

BrandSystems Marcom Manager and Creative DAM Suite provides solutions for every facet of the challenges faced by the modern marketing department. It is a centralized platform for planning, budgeting, branding, follow up and much more. A shift to BrandSystems will centralize all your assets, reducing the time taken to complete projects and time spent on reporting by up to 25-30%.


Planning & BudgetingPlanning & Budgeting

Marcom Managers planning and budgeting tool supports the entire planning and budget processes in a marketing department. The process starts by adding strategic objectives for communication into the tool. These objectives guide the planning process. As the plan is being structured, activities are added and partial goals are set up in line with the set objectives. Meanwhile, the budget is set, approached either top-down (i.e. based on predetermined assets) or down up (i.e. letting your ambitions set the pace). Once the budget is determined, the plan and budgeting are sent for approval. Upon this, the operational year can start. Throughout the year, new activities are added to the plan and old ones are updated.

Hence, there is always a valid communication plan available for everybody. Different ways of accessing activities include searching for particular disciplines or sorting by geographic markets. Dashboards and reports enable control, and the constant access to updated information give the means to comfortably and effortlessly making the right priorities. Planning Manager communicates with other applications through an API. E.g. financial information can be retrieved from the financial system, slicing away time spent waiting for emails or telephone calls between different departments.

Planning & Budgeting Screen Shot
Planning & Budgeting Screen Shot

Planning & BudgetingCollaborate & Produce

Productions can be connected to every plan. Each production operates as a workspace for a number of internal and external participants, such as printers, photographers, ad agencies, and newspapers. The tool supports that best practice work flows can be connected to different types of productions, e.g. developing a brochure or executing an event. The gathered knowledge is no longer in the hands of individuals, but built into the tool. Work groups can cooperate in sharing files, and delegating who does what when it comes to composing texts, translating, taking photographs, designing the layout, printing, etc. A key function in the Production Manager is supporting the approval process of the material. For each task that is added to the project, the system sends an email to concerned users. Tasks are also located under “My Page” which gives a clear overview of all ongoing tasks. All steps and comments being logged in the format seen in social networks such as Facebook facilitate communication around the products.Large emphasis is placed upon participants in a project sharing experiences and inspiration to reach the common goals and objectives. Members of the work groups can comment on the tasks, projects, and objectives.
Planning & Budgeting Screen Shot
Planning & Budgeting Screen Shot

Analyzing & Reporting ToolAnalyzing & Reporting

With customized reports and analytical functions, Marcom Manager can provide a real time look into the performance of marketing activities and the status of expenses.

  • Generate reports defined to consider multiple viewpoints
  • Both the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing campaigns can be reported on

Marcom Manager generates reports defined to consider multiple viewpoints. Both the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing campaigns can be reported on. All aspects of a marketing activity’s life cycle are firmly controlled with Marcom Managers analysis & reporting technology.

  • Planning stages
  • Customer segmentation
  • Development
  • Execution
  • Financials
Analyzing & Reporting Tool Screen Shot
Analyzing & Reporting Tool Screen Shot

BrandSystems Marcom Manager Suite offers a vast amount of features and functions. Below are some examples.

Marcom Manager Features
Marcom Manager Suite is available in Standard and Professional versions. The main difference is that the Professional version comes with extended capabilities for customized configuration and external systems integrations. However the advanced marketing organization will also find use of many other benefits in the Professional version.

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