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Creative DAM Digital Asset Management

BrandSystems Creative DAM Suite

The BrandSystems Creative DAM Suite includes MRM tools that manages assets and the production of marketing collaterals within marketing departments.

Managing your media assets is becoming an increasingly complex task, and requires much more than a digital storage facility. BrandSystems DAM is developed for demanding organizations that require a tool for image- and media management as crucial aspects of their marketing operations.

Copyrights associated with individual files are becoming increasingly difficult to monitor. Increased control over places and timeframes for image publishing is a potential for cost saving in many large organizations. With endless possibilities to tag, structure and categorize media files, BrandSystems DAM gives you control over your digital assets.

The Creative DAM Suite includes the Supply & Distribution tool that enables reduced manual workload associated with shipment requests and saves printing and storage costs. Supply & Distribution is a complete solution for storing and distributing all types of marketing material, such as product sheets, catalogues and pull up banners. As a facilitator for optimized distribution efficiency, BrandSystems Creative DAM Suite is the ideal solution for marketing organizations. Let your organization do more in less time by enabling efficiency.

The convenient access to relevant marketing material provided by Creative DAM, will lead to greatly improved efficiency for any large marketing organization.


Graphic ProductionGraphic production

Creative DAM Graphic Production tool is made for producing communication material such as brochures, ads, and other prints, as well as banners and flash videos for your website. If a production needs to be approved before going into print, the Graphic Production tool can be combined with an approval flow. The use of templates in itself assures that the company’s graphic guidelines are followed. The logotype is always in the correct place, fonts and sizes are consistent.

 As a result, a company can simultaneously run a campaign in several different markets where only the language needs changing, or the data sheet needs to cover different products, or the size of an ad is to be tweaked to fit different newspapers or magazines. Quite simply, Creative DAM Graphic Production is a web based “ad agency” with which ready to print originals can be produced 24/7.

Project workflows: Support for the tracking of actions in various stages of any marketing project or production.

Approving collateral and creative content: Effective production management provides signi-ficant time and cost savings. Manage the approval cycle in a manner defined by your chosen processes.

Support the creative re-use process: The reuse of marketing collateral, as well as organizational learning across multiple campaigns yields enormous savings.

Graphic Production Screen Shot
Graphic Production Screen Shot

Supply and DistributionSupply & Distribution

The Supply & Distribution tool  supports distribution of all material relevant to the marketing department, ranging from prints to giveaways. Different product structures, and connected costs are easily added and managed. The end user interface makes it easy for the organization to find the right things, and supports ordering and delivery. It provides the central organization control over all departments and users orders under a given time through sophisticated report functions that can also be exported to Excel. Every item is numbered, and an alarm system alerts you when stocks are running low. Several publishing units or storage spaces can be added to the system, so that the administrator effortlessly can connect recipients to products.

Optimized purchasing: Large volumes of collateral are generated by marketing campaigns. (Procuring services at competitive prices can easily provide a 15% saving. Track the quality of performance the vendor has provided over a length of time. The application can automatically adapt printing and distribution based on the geographical location of the user, or the specified recipient.

Managing the print process:

  • Required approvals workflow
  • Final media material
  • Time of delivery and location
  • Details of a specific vendor
  • Order confirmation
  • Email notifications
  • Reminders and alerts
  • And much more…
Supply and Distribution Screen Shot
Supply and Distribution Screen Shot

DAM (Digital Asset Management)DAM (Digital Asset Management)

Primary purpose of DAM (the central part of Creative DAM Suite), offers management of images, illustrations, animations, videos and audio files, etc . BrandSystems DAM allows you to store media files in one master version, even if you know that your organization will use it in many different formats and sizes. The user simply tells the system how the image (format, resolution, cropped area) should be generated and the file is automatically saved according to specification.

All digital information is saved in Creative DAM Suite web based DAM. The entire marketing department and approved external users, such as advertising agencies and marketing consultants, have access to the information. Media Bank is a tool with global effect; the minute a file is published, it is simultaneously available to all parties. All files and file formats can be handled and made accessible in the Media Bank, including, but not limited to Microsoft Office documents, videos, PDF’s, and images. With all the marketing material saved in one place, several consultants can work at once using the same source. BrandSystems Creative DAM can also be connected to other applications used by the company through a built in API.

When a file is uploaded into the DAM, it is tagged with key words, placed in a folder, and automatically assigned an access level. The access levels can easily be modified to limit access to a single user, or provide full access to several groups. Regardless of the number of files that are uploaded in one turn, BrandSystems Creative DAM keeps track of the file name, latest versions, access levels, key words, etc. Files can be found either by browsing the company’s tailored folder structure, or by searching file names or key words. The search results can be viewed as lists or icons.

DAM solutions enhance the following:

  • Organization of digital assets
  • Manipulation of digital assets
  • Conversion and merging of digital assets
  • Delivery and distribution
  • Asset control / security (restrictions)
  • Backed up and secure data
Media Bank DAM Screen Shot
Media Bank DAM Screen Shot

BrandSystems Creative DAM Suite offers a vast amount of features and functions. Below are some examples.

Creative DAM Suite Features
Our Creative DAM Suite is a standardized application and as such it is being enhanced and improved by our skilled development team on an ongoing basis. We are constantly upgrading the Suite to support new operating systems and web browsers etc..

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